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Is Your Website Hacked?

Fix Your Website Immediately with Srapsware


We love to turn ideas into beautiful things.

Hacked Site? Get it fixed today and move on!

We are expert in all types of hacked website restoration and hardening.

  • Fix your WordPress hacked website
  • Fix Hacked PHP website
  • Make your website secure by Hardening it
  • Restore compromised servers
  • Defaced / broken website
  • Spammy links to porn and pharmacy websites
  • Unexpected popups on your website
  • Spam emails being sent to your customers
  • Unable to login to your website
  • Blacklist warnings when visiting your site
  • Google Ads suspended for "malware"
  • Malware warning showing in Google results
  • Backdoor access malware
Red screen of death hacked

Get your website professionally fixed by a security engineer.

With Srapsware, you won't have to "figure things out"—everything will be handled by your assigned security engineer. This includes:

Removal of malicious software and return your website to normal operation.

Ensuring that all malware (including backorders) is removed.

Establish continuous protection (if selected) to prevent hackers from re-entering.

Give you safety recommendations (such as changing passwords) to protect your site.

How we can help you?

We Cleans Your Website From Top To Bottom

Detect and remove malware. We carefully remove the malware from your website files and database.

Find and fix the root cause. We will find and address the weakness hackers used to break into your website, so it won't happen again.

Ensure a thorough job so hackers can't return. We remove backdoors hackers could use to come back and re-hack your site.

Manually cleaned for better results. Automated tools can't find everything—an engineer from the security team will manually review your website to ensure it's 100% clean.

Get your site back to working order. Your security engineer will take care of all the steps to get your site working correctly.

Round the Clock Support

One tap way for quick help.

Malware Removal

We check all files and remove all malware.

Website Backup

We take a full site backup to make sure you all data secure

Setting up ongoing protection

Setting up ongoing protection (if selected) to keep hackers from returning

Why Srapsware?

Protects Your Site Against Future Hacks

After a hacker successfully attacks your site once, there's a good chance they'll come back and try again. We add 9 layers of protection to keep hackers out of your website in the future!