A Srapsware is a well-known brand for more than 13 years, we cover all elements of the computing industry that can fill your hunger for the latest technology of today.

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Our process

We make your spending stress-free for you to have the perfect control.

How It Works

How It Works

Know how we work :)

Our work starts the moment you decide to entrust us with the task of developing your website. Like busy bees we get buzzing, studying and familiarizing ourselves with your business and its requirements, because we believe doing background study is very important to deliver excellent & satisfying results.

Using our PMS (Project Management System), our designers, developers and managers indulge in extensive Q&A session among them and also with you, so that the purpose, intention and vision of the project are understood by one and all involved in the project.

Our Process

Here are 3 stages of organising our business projects

Collect Ideas

1. Collect Ideas

We gather your ideas and initiatives.

Data Analysis

2. Data Analysis

Analyse the demands of your project.

Finalize Product

3. Finalize Product

Design your ideas for reality.