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Bulk disable multiple Magento 2 products by Phpmyadmin

Bulk disable multiple Magento 2 products by Phpmyadmin

One of my customer want to disable multiple bulk products and he has provided me product IDs for all products.

So first of all you need to find what is attribute Id for Status of product, In my case it is 97

Find Status Attribute ID

Now open phpmyadmin and run SQL query as per your product id:

UPDATE catalog_product_entity_int
WHERE attribute_id = 97
AND entity_id IN (2252, 2259, 2260, 2261, 2262, 2267, 2270, 2271);

Result will look like:

It will work for only Magento 2.x not for Magento 1.x

Note: Please do the test for 2-3 product then run a bulk query at own risk.

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