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Has your Website been hacked?

Has your Website been hacked?
Are you getting lot of spam emails?
When someone visits your website do they get “Dangerous Website” prompt?


Don’t worry, we are here to help quickly fix your website just for the Best Price!!

We have over 5 years of experience on Malware, Hacked Sites & WordPress Security, as such we are aware of every loophole in WP and also know the means and ways to fix and protect your site from Hackers.
Everyday lots of blogs are hacked and often the owners are unaware until informed by a customer or Google
If your Blog gets hacked do u know the revenue lost? You can also use this service to prevent Hacking in future too.

Why choose our services?

1. We keep updating our skills to provide expert knowledge all the time.
2. Website security services can be expensive, are we are the experts who can help you.
3. Faster Turn Around & Express Delivery
4. We can help with iframe hacks, JavaScript hacks, base64 hacks any type of malwares

If your blog gets hacked, your Google Ranking will drop drastically and will be difficult for anyone to find you.

Save your Business & get a Google Friendly site for just $600!!!