Our Process

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    Our work starts the moment you decide to entrust us with the task of developing your website. Like busy bees we get buzzing, studying and familiarizing ourselves with your business and its requirements, because we believe doing background study is very important to deliver excellent & satisfying results. Using our PMS (Project Management System), our designers, developers and managers indulge in extensive Q&A session among them and also with you, so that the purpose, intention and vision of the project are understood by one and all involved in the project.

    This first step of development process sets the foundation of the rest of the phases, thus we encourage you and our team to clear every single query regarding the project, as even a minor misunderstanding could lead to problems later on. Only when our developer and UI team have got their queries answered satisfactorily do we put a check on this step and move on to the next phase.
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    A website wireframe, also known as a page schematic or screen blueprint.
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    The graphical user interface is presented (displayed) on the computer screen.
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    In this we get ready HTML, CSS and JS
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    Starting here your application server end programing
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    After finishing now you can see your working application with bug debugging
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    We will provide you support on using, testing and bugs fixing
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    We also providing maintains services after developed to secure your site and application and make stay updated to technologies
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