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Install rocket chat on ubuntu

rocketchat login screen

Install rocket chat on ubuntu

If you need a chat server for your company either for internal communication or for client/customer support, you could spend the time and energy building that server from scratch, or you could have it up and running in about five minutes with the help of Ubuntu Snap and Rocket.Chat.

It is very easy to install rocket chat using snap

Installing Snap

I’ll demonstrate the process on a Ubuntu 16.10 setup. Although Ubuntu 16.10 does ship with snapd installed by default, you may be using an earlier iteration of platform. If that’s the case, you can install this necessary piece of the puzzle, by opening a terminal window and issuing the command:

Type your sudo password, hit Enter, and allow the installation to complete.

Installing the Rocket.Chat server

Now we have to install the Rocket.Chat server; this is done by means of the Snap system and couldn’t possibly be any easier. Go back to your terminal window and issue the command:

Snap will download the rocketchat-server package to make it available on your system. This download can take awhile, so find another task to do while this completes. When Snap finishes the process, you’ll see:

Note: The release number may vary, depending upon when you install.

Connecting to the Rocket.Chat server

You’re ready to connect to your Rocket.Chat server. Open a browser window and point it to http://serverip:3000 (IP_OF_SERVER is your server’s actual IP address). You’ll be presented with the login/register page

Note: make sure you have allowed port 3000 on firewall.

rocketchat login screen

rocketchat login screen

Once you’ve logged in, you can create/join a channel, send direct messages, and so much more. All of this in approximately five minutes.

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